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June 2, 2008

America's power structure has shown throughout history that they will stoop to any level to eliminate what they consider a serious threat to the status quo. We all knew that before Hillary casually raised the specter of Robert Kennedy in a last ditch effort to keep her candidacy alive. Our history books are littered with ugly episodes of political assassination, both figurative and literal.

That Obama can remain hopeful knowing what has happened to people who truly wanted to change things is amazing to me. Maybe he really is the Chosen One

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Pen, Ink, Digital Smack Down. Feb 25th 2010. By Leighton Kelly YO! sup… wass ‘sappnin man? anyway… i am still trying out this new style of digitization mixed with my drawlings and now i found a broah who can print these pieces out on nice paper and Tshirts and i am gonna sell it outa my van to supplant my art habit. Buy one… you know how much a good pen costs? not much… but whatever… i bet shits gonna get expensive somewhere. oh yeah, sushi is heck of expensive. and i won’t do one goddam pencil sketch untill i get my hands on a piece of Uni nigiri, FOOL! i am a gangster now! i am pushy and intimidating! bear with me folks. i am working on a line of these hifey B Boy demon samurai for a show i want to do so i have to get into the part.. sorry if its too much… BEYOTCH

SMACK ENGINEER RIDERS POLO  コシのある天竺綿を使用した ライダーズ S/S ポロシャツは、甘みを一切排除したストイックな辛口カクテル GIN & BITTERS のロゴ刺繍が施されています。 やや長めの袖丈もポイントです。 カラーは、ブラックボディー x シルバー刺繍 ・ グレーボディー x ブラック刺繍 となっています。 店頭にて、カタログ配布中です!!! スマックエンジニアのラメニットカーディガンになります。袖と裾部分には毛足の短いフェイクファーが取り付けられており、ブラウン系のラメ糸が少量混ぜられています。フロント部分は3箇所のホックにより留めることが可能です。タグ付き新品未使用品

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